Quality organic pellets should make up at least 90% of your chicken’s diet.

Many people who own poultry feed their chickens leftovers from their kitchen. To most people, it is an economical way of reducing food waste, and a great way to reduce the amount spent on chicken feed. So to this effect, people are only too happy to feed every scrap they’ve got to their chickens. Although, you should note that chicken feed is the best recommendation for your poultry bird’s diet, as it has been specially formulated to meet all their dietary needs. 

Feeding chickens scrap leftovers is great, but only when it is done knowing these things:

  1. Not all leftovers are safe for chickens:

A lot of people imagine that since chickens are domestic animals, they can eat most of what humans eat. This principle sounds perfectly fine but keep it in mind, that whatever is not good for you, is not good for them. Spoiled and moldy food can put them at risk of infections and diseases, while other foods such as foods that contain alcohol, sugary foods, and salty foods, are not recommended. 

According to experts, giving chickens treats is good and serves as an effective way to keep them busy while you do other things within their poultry cage. However, it has been advised that great care be taken where feeding chickens is concerned. Food leftovers that are safe for poultry birds include but are not limited to vegetables, hard boiled eggs, grains, meat, plain nuts, oats, and rice. Foods that should only be fed in moderation because of their tendency to cause diarrhea are dairy products such as milk and yoghurt, and fruits. 

Note that chickens will eat bread, but it is advisable to give it in small quantities because it is only high in carbohydrates. Chickens do not need a lot of carbohydrates because they would only gain lots of weight.

  1. Some leftovers are downright toxic!

This includes spoiled food, fatty and sugary foods or snacks (e.g. chocolates), foods meant for your pets, and peels from tubers (you cannot dare to eat this yourself!). 

  1. Chicken feed IS chicken food!

You may think leftovers, pure grains, and fruits have more nutritional benefits for chickens. The truth is, Chicken feed (mash and pellets) still remains the best dietary source for chickens! Chickens sure love to peck around in search for leftovers and scrap, but you can get the best out of your chickens only when you feed them chicken feed. Chicken feed is produced out of a combination of seeds, grains, and other ground ingredients that contain a specific measurement of the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for their growth and reproductive health. We have a range of poultry feed available for you!

Above all, it is advised to get experts involved and to seek their advice on your poultry decisions. Kindly contact our counselors here.

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