The Secret to Getting More Meat Out of Poultry Birds

“Wow, that’s cheap!” is one of the most common exclamations we get when people hear about our pricing structure for pure organic agro-products at Ehibaghe farms. As a brand that understands the economic trends, our way of helping you is by making our products and services super affordable for you. Regardless of it’s low cost, our products have been NAFDAC approved and are super effective for all farmers out there.

You may wonder how we stay in business and still deliver affordable products and services. We owe this largely to the fact that our sustainable organic agriculture makes available to us, increased farm yields, and a proven reduction of production cost by 45%. This could easily be your story too. Using our organic fertilizers, pesticides and poultry feed will significantly reduce the amount of money you may have spent on farming and production of crops and healthy livestock, as well as the number of losses incurred.

How we will help your poultry yield:

Inorganic livestock supplements may contain synthetic compounds which are not 100% healthy for animal consumption. In an effort to change this, after extensive research and careful methodology we developed a product called Pro-Cure vite. It is a poultry and livestock supplement that has been made with 100% organic ingredients. We have noticed that many farmers feed their livestock, only for the animals to excrete even more than they gain and maintain weight. Pro-Cure vite works to help your animals retain protein, which then helps them grow healthy and fat for their purpose. Thus, Pro-Cure vite will help farmers enjoy increased productivity, and ultimately, much more profit! Here’s one major way Pro-Cure vite will help your livestock and poultry birds:

  1. Healthy weight gain and muscle development:

 Poultry birds, regardless of their breed, are mostly reared for consumption and egg production. Many farmers may use synthetic boosters and growth hormones to fatten their poultry birds for sale, and increase egg hatching. This is not a healthy option as it puts consumers at risk of diseases and ill health. Pro-Cure vite was developed using the right scientific processes and natural ingredients. It is specifically formulated to help animals gain weight healthily by digesting and retaining all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for muscle growth and development. Whether you’re rearing broilers or layers or whatever flock you’ve got, Pro-Cure vite helps them grow faster and helps farmers achieve optimal performance and profitability from them!

Using organic agro-products is a plus in these times of ever increasing awareness of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices because a business grounded in environmentally friendly practices is easily distinguished in the very competitive agricultural marketplace. Thus, you stand to gain loyal and trusting customers who value quality organic products, and healthy livestock over anything else.

If you’re still hesitant or confused about how to introduce organic farming into your farm, kindly contact us, and reach out to us for a consultation. 

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