Terms, Expectations & FAQs

Welcome to the Terms, Expectations, and FAQs section, your one-stop resource for all the essential information you need to be a successful distributor with Ehibaghe Farms Ltd. We believe in transparency and providing clear guidelines to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Below, you'll find the key terms, expectations, and answers to common questions.

Terms and Expectations

At Ehibaghe Farms, we aim to maintain a productive and respectful partnership with our distributors. Here are the key terms and expectations to guide our collaboration:

Terms and Conditions

Our detailed terms and conditions govern the distributor partnership. They outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring a fair and transparent relationship. By joining our distributor network, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Product Knowledge

  • Distributors are expected to have a strong understanding of our product range.
  • You should be knowledgeable about the benefits and usage of our products to effectively communicate with farmers.

Commitment to Quality

  • We expect our distributors to uphold the high quality of our products.
  • Ensure safe handling, storage, and delivery of products to maintain their integrity.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Distributors are encouraged to actively market and promote our products.
  • Take advantage of our marketing support and materials to reach potential customers.

Compliance with Regulations

  • Distributors must comply with all relevant agricultural and health regulations.
  • Adhere to local, state, and national guidelines governing the distribution of agricultural products.

Feedback and Communication

  • We value your feedback and insights.
  • Regularly communicate with us to provide input, report challenges, and share success stories.

Collaborative Growth

  • We believe in a collaborative approach.
  • Actively seek opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.

FAQs for Distributors

We understand that you may have questions about your distributorship with Ehibaghe Farms. Here, we've compiled answers to some of the most common queries:

Becoming a distributor is a structured process that involves seven steps. You can find detailed information in the "Application Process" section.  Learn More

Our pricing structure is designed to strike a balance between affordability for farmers and profitability for our partners. We take great pride in the quality of our products, all of which have received NAFDAC approval. Learn More

We provide comprehensive support to our distributors, including marketing materials, training guides, and FAQs. Although we are actively developing these resources, we are committed to equipping you for success. Explore Resources

You can reach out to us through our website, email, WhatsApp, or phone call. Your inquiries are essential to us, and we promise timely responses to address your questions and requirements promptly. Contact Us

Absolutely! We view our distributor relationships as partnerships where both sides grow and benefit. Your feedback and input are valuable to us, and we actively seek opportunities for collaboration and mutual success. Explore Collaboration Opportunities

As a distributor, there's no fixed minimum order quantity. You have the flexibility to order based on your market demand and customer requirements. This allows you to manage your inventory efficiently.

We are committed to keeping our distributors informed. You'll receive regular product updates, industry insights, and marketing materials to support your sales efforts. These updates are designed to help you stay competitive and informed.

Absolutely, you can expand your distribution to multiple regions. We encourage our distributors to explore new markets and grow their network. Our goal is to help you reach as many farmers as possible.

The time it takes to start as a distributor can vary based on factors such as location and the completeness of your application. Our team will guide you through the process and provide a timeline once your application is approved.

Yes, we encourage collaboration. Partnering with other distributors or retailers can help you expand your reach and improve product accessibility. We believe in a collaborative approach that benefits everyone.

Exclusivity options can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. If you're interested in exclusive distribution rights for specific product lines or regions, please contact us to explore the possibilities.

We have a streamlined process for ordering and receiving products. You can place orders through our online platform or by contacting our sales team directly. We'll ensure a smooth delivery process.

You are responsible for providing customer support to the farmers you serve. We recommend creating a dedicated support channel or team to address inquiries, offer guidance, and resolve issues promptly.

Certainly, we encourage distributor participation in our promotional campaigns and events. It's a great way to increase brand visibility and attract new customers. We'll provide details on how you can get involved.

Product lead times can vary depending on your location and order size. Our sales team will provide you with estimated lead times during the ordering process.

Yes, we have a returns policy in place. If you have excess inventory or need to process customer returns, please reach out to our customer support team. They will guide you through the return process.

Yes, we offer marketing strategies and guidance to help you effectively promote our products. Our team will assist you in creating marketing campaigns and strategies tailored to your target audience.

Absolutely, your feedback is valuable to us. We welcome distributor input and suggestions for product improvements. Collaboration with our distributors is an essential part of our growth strategy.

We provide brand guidelines to ensure consistent and appropriate use of our branding and logos. Our brand guidelines handbook will offer detailed instructions on how to use our branding elements.

We offer comprehensive training materials, webinars, and on-site training sessions for our distributors. These resources are designed to help you and your team understand our products and their benefits.

Our products undergo rigorous quality control and assurance measures, including regular testing and quality checks. We are committed to maintaining the highest product standards.

Pricing updates may occur periodically based on market conditions and production costs. We will keep you informed about any pricing changes to ensure transparency in our partnership.