The price of chicken feed is currently on the rise and as a result, many poultry farmers have been driven out of business. Organic poultry feed is fast taking over as more and more people discover the many health risks associated with eating poultry meat that was raised on inorganic feed mash. It has also been established that a chicken’s diet should comprise 90% chicken feed and 10% scraps and leftovers, so more effort is being put into supplying chickens with their feed and not leaving them to scavenge anymore. There is also the added benefit of it being more cost effective for your poultry. 

Below is a list and descriptions of some of the ingredients used locally to make feed for chickens. Note that different species have a particular measurement and combination of ingredients, so it would be wiser to seek the advice of experts. 

  1. Wheat bran.

As a good source of fiber, it aids digestion and prevents digestive issues in chickens.

  1. Bone meal

A natural source of calcium and phosphorus, bone meal helps with chicken bone formation, and helps them birth eggs with strong shells.

  1. Maize meal

It helps give egg yolk that rich yellow colour that is coveted by consumers. It also is a good source of carbohydrates for chickens and gives them energy and lasting stamina.

  1. Groundnut cake

Rich in protein, groundnut cake is a good supplement for chickens who have no other access to proteinous meals. It proves to be a good balance for the carbohydrate gotten from maize they consume.

  1. Fish meal

It’s also a source of protein and amino acids. It contributes to the quality of chicken’s feathers and their overall body mass.

  1. Salt

Salt is highly essential because it helps chickens in periods of stress, and most importantly, helps to regulate their body fluids.

  1. Lime

Helps to reduce bacterial and fungal activity in chicken coop

  1. Oats

A great addition to chicken feed. Oats promote overall chicken health.

  1. Soybean meal

This is a popular addition to chicken feed because of its cost effectiveness. It is also easily digestible and is rich in protein.

  1. Calcium

It is the major component of eggshells. Without calcium intake, chickens may have difficulty laying eggs, or may lay thin shelled eggs which would be more susceptible to damage.

It can be quite risky to try to make chicken feed at home without knowing the exact amount of ingredients to use and what ingredients suit each specie.

Do note that without the right measurement of ingredients, your chickens may suffer from health problems and deficiencies. Therefore, it is best to consult 

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