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Company History

Ehibaghe Farms Ltd, founded in 2019, is the result of a shared vision between two passionate minds, Passion Ebaghelu and Babatunde Adedeji. Their journey began with a profound mission: revolutionizing the organic farming in Nigeria industry and providing a sustainable, healthier alternative to synthetic antibiotics and growth boosters. They envisioned a world where both farmers and consumers would benefit from the production of safer and more sustainable poultry health solutions.

In the same year of its inception, Ehibaghe Farms Ltd set out on its journey to transform the poultry industry. Let’s have a closer look at the milestones that have defined our path.


2019 – A Vision Takes Flight

Passion and Babatunde, two visionaries with a deep understanding of poultry farming, founded Ehibaghe Farms Ltd. Their mission was clear: to create a world where poultry health is improved naturally through organic products.

2020 – First Breakthrough

After extensive research and development, Ehibaghe Farms Ltd introduced its first range of organic poultry health solutions. These products were carefully formulated to boost poultry immunity, improve digestion, and support disease resistance.

2022 – NAFDAC Approval – A Milestone

In 2022, Ehibaghe Farms Ltd achieved a significant milestone by receiving NAFDAC approval for its NAFDAC-approved organic products. This validation from the Nigerian regulatory authority was a testament to the quality, safety, and efficacy of our solutions. Building on our success, we expanded our product portfolio to offer a comprehensive range of organic drugs and supplements tailored to meet the specific needs of poultry farmers.

The company's commitment to poultry health began to make a notable impact. Farmers who adopted Ehibaghe Farms' poultry health solutions reported healthier flocks, improved feed conversion rates, and fewer instances of antibiotic-resistant diseases among poultry.

2023 – Regional Recognition

The company's dedication to sustainability and healthier poultry farming practices earned it recognition at regional agricultural conferences. Passion and Babatunde were invited to speak at industry events, where they shared their insights on sustainable poultry farming. Ehibaghe Farms Ltd continued to emphasize the importance of producing poultry products that were not only good for birds but also safe for consumers. This commitment further solidified their position as pioneers in sustainable agriculture in Africa.

Today, Ehibaghe Farms Ltd is more than a farm; it's a movement towards a healthier and more sustainable agriculture industry. Their journey is fuelled by a strong commitment to organic agriculture in Nigeria and a vision of a sustainable agriculture ecosystem in Africa that is predominantly organic and waste-efficient.

Our Mission

To sustain food production in Africa by helping livestock and crop farmers minimize their cost of production and maximize their farm yields through sustainable agriculture practices.

Our Vision

To be the leading farm in Africa offering the best quality organic agro-products, training, and services, and empower farmers, particularly in Nigeria, to go completely organic by 2025.

Our Philosophy

Ehibaghe Farms believes in the financial efficiency and sustainability of 100% organic farming in Nigeria. We are committed to making the organic lifestyle in Africa accessible and affordable to all farmers, while also providing exceptional training, marketing, and consulting services.

Our Values

In addition to being reliable and trustworthy, our core values include:

Sustainable food supply in Africa

Ensuring a sustainable, healthy food supply in Nigeria and Africa.

Service Excellence

Striving for 100% quality and service satisfaction.


Customizing our services to meet the core needs of each customer.

Social responsibility

Giving back to the communities where we operate and making them better.

We envision a sustainable food production ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa that is predominantly organic and waste-efficient, making Ehibaghe Farms a leader in organic agriculture. We aim to offer exceptional training, marketing, and consulting services in the organic crop, poultry, and livestock production sectors. Our vision centres around sustainable development in Africa starting in Nigeria and expanding across Africa.

commitment to success

Commitment to Distributor Success

Our commitment extends beyond producing high-quality organic products; it includes the success of our distributors. We view our distributor relationships as partnerships where both sides grow and benefit. Your feedback and input are valuable to us, and we actively seek opportunities for collaborative growth in farming.

Company Culture

Ehibaghe Farms Ltd fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment, with core values centred around a commitment to distributor success and sustainability in agriculture. We believe in a culture of growth and learning, both for our team and our partners. Our commitment to sustainability in farming and healthier farming practices drives us to constantly innovate and provide solutions that benefit both farmers and consumers.

company culture

Meet Our Team

The driving force behind Ehibaghe Farms Ltd is a dedicated team of professionals who share a passion for sustainable agriculture in Nigeria and distributor success. We're excited to introduce the people who make it all happen.

passion_ehibaghefarms CEO

Passion Ebaghelu

CEO & Co-Founder
Mr. Babatunde Ehibaghefarms MD

Adedeji Babatunde

MD & Co-Founder

Our Commitment to Quality

At Ehibaghe Farms Ltd, product quality is non-negotiable. Our organic poultry health products undergo rigorous testing and have received NAFDAC approval, demonstrating their safety and effectiveness. We continuously strive to provide top-notch products to meet the highest standards.

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Are you interested in becoming a distributor and being part of our mission to revolutionize agriculture with sustainable farming practices? We're excited to embark on this journey with you.

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