We Help Farmers Increase Their Profits and Reduce Their Cost of Production With Organic Agriculture

We follow a proven scientific approach to (train crop and livestock farmers how to) produce the best quality, effective and affordable organic feeds, drugs, fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. These products increase farm yields and reduce the cost of production by as much as 45%.

Welcome to Ehibaghe Farms - Your Partner in Poultry Farming Success!

At Ehibaghe Farms, we’re more than just a farm; we’re a committed partner in your journey to poultry farming excellence. Our platform is your gateway to a world of opportunities, quality, and sustainable agriculture.

What we Offer

Organic Agro-products

We formulate the best super effective and affordable all-natural livestock feeds and drugs that help you increase the growth of your livestock, increase meat and egg production, and combat diseases on your farm at a lower cost.

Standard Agricultural Training

To help you reduce your cost of production and increase profits, we organize standard agricultural training programs that teach you how to affordably go organic, use organic products, and produce your organic farm inputs.

One-on-one Consultancy

So that you avoid making expensive mistakes, we bring our expertise to work for you on your farm. We work directly with you to help you create and execute the best agricultural strategy that will guarantee your business profitability.

Why Choose Ehibaghe Farms?

We are the King of organic agriculture

We’re the leaders of organic agriculture in Nigeria and have helped farmers in Nigeria, Africa, and even the US and UK grow with organic agriculture. We have the products, processes, and expertise to do the same for you.

We follow proven scientific processes

We don’t do guesswork. We follow proven scientific processes to (teach you how to) formulate organic agro-products for livestock and crop farming. Our products are sure to work with zero chemicals or any chance of negative side effects on your crops and animals.

Our products and services are low-cost but super effective

Our products, training, and services are super affordable and guaranteed to produce results. This is to help you cut down on your cost of production without reducing harvest quality, volume, or customer satisfaction.

We’re passionate about your success.

We wake up every day thinking about the most effective and cost-efficient ways to help you stay in business and stay profitable while delighting your customers with the best farm produce, contributing to sustaining the environment and growing your business.

Our products and training are super easy to use and implement

You don’t need advanced knowledge in science to put our training to work, neither do you need to read a long manual to use our products. We’ve done the hard work. Our products are straightforward with little to no possibility of using them wrong. All you need to do is plug and play.

Our Products Are NAFDAC Approved

The No.1 government organization in charge of regulated products has stamped our products safe and good to go. So you can rest assured of quality, healthiness, and effectiveness.

High-Quality Organic Products

Our products are scientifically backed to boost poultry health naturally and offer a sustainable choice for farmers.

Competitive Pricing

We strike the right balance between affordability for farmers and profitability for distributors.

Comprehensive Support

Our distributor partnerships are built on mutual growth. Your success is our success, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Education and Resources

We're actively developing a resource centre to equip you for success. Expect a world of valuable materials coming soon.

Collaboration Opportunities

We view our distributors as partners, and we actively seek opportunities for collaboration and mutual success. Your feedback and input are invaluable to us.

Distributor Partnership Opportunities

Collaborative Growth

We don't just see distributors; we see partners. Your insights, feedback, and input are invaluable to us, and we actively seek opportunities for collaboration and mutual success.

Pricing That Works

Our pricing structure ensures that you can offer high-quality organic poultry health products to farmers at competitive rates while maintaining healthy profit margins. We believe in affordability for farmers and profitability for you.

Product Quality

Ehibaghe Farms takes pride in the quality of our products. Our organic poultry health solutions are rigorously tested and NAFDAC-approved for safety and effectiveness.

Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Meet Mr. Ekpenyong, one of our distributors, who has revolutionized poultry farming in his region with our products. His success is a testament to the transformative impact of our distributor partnerships.

commitment to quality

Our Commitment to Quality

Our mission is to sustain food production in Africa by helping livestock and crop farmers minimize their cost of production and maximize their farm yields. We envision a food production ecosystem that’s predominantly organic and waste-efficient, making Ehibaghe Farms a leader in organic agriculture. Our commitment to the organic lifestyle is driven by a vision of sustainability, profitability, and a future free from harmful chemicals in agriculture.

Get in Touch

At Ehibaghe Farms, we're eager to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about our distributor partnership opportunities. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned distributor or someone just starting in the agriculture industry, we're committed to providing you with the support and information you need to thrive.

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